Chuck Malloy

GOP lawmakers get no love back home

Doyle Beck, who chairs the Bonneville Republican Central Committee, told the Post Register that party officials should be able to hold their elected officials accountable.

Bedke resists ‘burn-it-down’ mentality

It wasn’t long ago when now-Lt. Gov. Scott Bedke was part of a House leadership team that was widely viewed as one of the most conservative in Idaho’s history. Across the rotunda, there was now-Gov. Brad Little who generally was preaching the same conservative gospel in the Senate. I worked as communication adviser with the…

‘Politician’ is not always a dirty word

Critchfield knows there will be disagreements here and there. She welcomes one-on-one visits with legislators to discuss those differences.

Debbie Critchfield sends message to Idaho’s school officials after Election Day

There are personal adjustments that lie ahead – including her and her husband, Dave, getting a second home in Boise.

Is Ybarra a leader for schools, or glorified secretary?

The lead player is the governor, who runs on education platforms and ultimately is judged according to the quality of the public schools.

Governor has broad support for literacy goals

Little is on the right track by making literacy a centerpiece of his agenda, and kudos to the superintendents for backing him. The effort is long overdue.

Storms are brewing for this legislative session

This is not going to be your typical election-year “caretaker” session, and maybe not an easy one for the governor.

IEA checklist goes beyond dollars spent

IEA President: “Let’s create a picture of what we want our schools to look like and build a budget on making that happen.”

So where was Superintendent Ybarra?

The No. 2 guy in Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ office visits the Gem State, and Idaho’s top education official was nowhere to be found. Mark her down for an “unexcused” absence.

No ‘learning curve’ for this governor; he’s ready

I suspect that overall, Idahoans will be seeing competent, thoughtful and sane leadership from the top.