Runoff elections set a higher standard

Runoff elections ensure we elect someone with the broadest community support.

Empower Idaho’s students through enhanced educational freedom

It may seem counterintuitive, but increasing access to a broader spectrum of educational offerings actually benefits students who stay in traditional public schools.

Idaho must conduct adequacy study as part of public school funding modernization

Recent investments in educator pay have gone a long way to improve educator retention rates in Idaho schools, but we need to know what long-term strategies can be implemented to prevent future teacher shortages.

GOP lawmakers get no love back home

Doyle Beck, who chairs the Bonneville Republican Central Committee, told the Post Register that party officials should be able to hold their elected officials accountable.

Importance of open government laws on display with shocking stories

The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know.

Idaho voters can be trusted to responsibly exercise their initiative rights

I would submit that the closed GOP primary, aided and abetted by the malign influence of the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) and its dark money allies, has created a toxic atmosphere in the Legislature, making it difficult for well-meaning legislators like Clow to do their jobs.

Beware of top-four primary and ranked-choice voting petition

The top-four primary eliminates political party nominations, grouping all primary candidates, regardless of party, for each elected office on the ballot.

Lessons learned in Alaska

For every action taken by political leaders, there is an equal and opposite reaction happening out in the schools.

Bedke resists ‘burn-it-down’ mentality

It wasn’t long ago when now-Lt. Gov. Scott Bedke was part of a House leadership team that was widely viewed as one of the most conservative in Idaho’s history. Across the rotunda, there was now-Gov. Brad Little who generally was preaching the same conservative gospel in the Senate. I worked as communication adviser with the…

Idaho Launch – a game changer for eastern Idaho students

For a long time, we’ve searched for an affordable way to offer Idaho’s students the training and education they need to fill the jobs of the future.